Introducing the 1Home Server: A New Chapter in Privacy-Focused Smart Home Technology

Meet 1Home Server for KNX

Powerful. Flexible. Reliable.

Your new all-in-one KNX server with multiple mobile apps, voice interfaces, advanced logic module, secure remote programming & direct integration of 100s of IoT devices via Matter.

One device to control two biggest open smart home systems – KNX & Matter

1Home products (1Home Bridge & 1Home Server) are powering homes in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Instant support for homeowners, less time on-site for integrators

Integrators have an overview of projects in one place and can manage them remotely so smart homeowners receive instant support.

For smart home integrators

Connect without a VPN

Secure and quick connect enabled by IP whitelisting.

Connect securely with a tunnel connection

Secure network tunnel established by websockets

Auto-Disconnect for a peace of mind

Set the time span after which the tunnel automatically turns off.

For smart home owners

Faster response

Cut waiting times for receiving integrator support.

Next-level security with Server-only access

Limit access to the Server only, not the whole network (like with a VPN).

Your home, your control

Open/close access to your home under your own terms.

Bring 100s of Matter devices to 1Home

* Coming in February. Additional price increase with the launch of Matter to 1Home integration.

Integrate 100s of IoT Matter devices as if they were a part of the KNX installation. Easily create automations with a mixture of KNX and Matter devices and provide retrofit solutions – all while maintaining great control over the system in one dashboard.

Configuration without the customer’s phone

Integrator can configure Matter devices without requiring homeowners smartphone.

Options for every budget

For customers on a budget, choose cheaper Matter alternatives to KNX devices.

Solution for renovations

Don’t loose projects if KNX is not an option. Provide a professional solution with Matter wireless devices or create a mix of both.

KNX & Matter as one

Use Matter devices with KNX in automation as if they are a part of the same system.

Achieve more with Matter

Setup more complex Matter automations not possible in smart assistant mobile apps.

Support for homeowners for Matter

Integrators can offer remote and secure support for Matter devices, not only KNX.

Fully local, fully private

No internet connection required

1Home KNX Server works locally and if you remove it from the internet it won’t even notice. Both KNX and Matter also don’t require an internet connection so your home will always continue to work without interruptions (with the exception of voice control which does require internet).

Privacy focused engineering

Your home, your data. 1Home respect your privacy and don’t send any data to our servers except for critical system issues that might occur and basic system information needed for updating the software and remote access.

More info:www.1home.io

Our company is an official KNX partner. We sell and install 1Home Server and 1Home Bridge equipment in the UAE, Dubai.

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