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1HOME - Modern control
for modern KNX users

1HOME Bridge – Single  sleek mobile app for all your KNX and IoT devices. Secure remote control included. Voice control via Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Be independent in managing your KNX & IoT automation with 1Home Bridge. Even use your location as an automation trigger. The easiest setup on the market.
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Connect your KNX home to any of these assistants

Get the best of both worlds

KNX brings stability and reliability while Smart Assistants enable modern functionality – put all this together, and you’ll have the ultimate smart home experience

Use the best mobile app on the market










Wall Button

Air Condition


Complement your KNX home with Smart Assistant supported wireless devices

KNX smart homes are great but you might find yourself stuck in a wired world as it is really hard to integrate other products. And while KNX is definitely a reliable and long-lasting technology there is a whole new world of exciting wireless devices for music, security, cleaning, and more. You have one smart home – and you should only have one mobile app for controlling it. It is not surprising to end up using 5 mobile apps for managing different smart devices. With Apple Home app, you can centralize them all in a single, sleek mobile app that is really friendly to use. It can also be used to access your home remotely from anywhere, anytime.

1Home Bridge

  • Integrate KNX IP Interface
  • Secure remote access via ETS
  • DIN-rail mount possible
  • KNX certified
  • Onboard memory
  • Plug and play installation
  • Automatic configuration
  • Apple HomeKit certified
Hardware based on
Weinzierl BAOS 777 KNX IP Interface
Technical knowledge
Our Smart home integrators help required in a scenario of direct KNX BUS installation

1Home Bridge