Smart Home & Home theater systems

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We are Professional Team with Technical Engineers from Europe, specialize in various Low Voltage systems:

– Intelligent Buildings & Home Automation systems

– HiFi/HIEND Audio systems, Audio & Video multiroom systems, Home Theater systems

– Motorized Windows & Curtains, Doors & Door locks, Gates

– WiFi, Intercom, CCTV, Security & Access control systems.

Our Services:

  • Сonsulting clients, design drawings of the smart home system, equipment supply.
  • Installation of equipment on site, system setup and programming.
  • Setting up an application for Smart Home system visualization.
  • Integration with Apple HomeKit and Siri, with Google Home and Google Assistant, with Amazon Alexa.
  • Smart Home System Repair and Troubleshooting.
*We work in all territories of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)
// Home Automation & Intelligent Buildings

We Deliver Our Solution with
the Goal of Trusting Relationships & for:

Manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems. USA
Design for the Intelligent Home. Handmade and Engineered in Belgium
Convenience, security & economy both in private and commercial projects. Germany
Specialist manufacturer of control automation solutions. Spain
ThinKnx is a universal, multi-purpose supervisor for building automation. Italy
Automation for Intelligent Building: Design, Comfort and High Energy Efficiency. Italy
International technology company, operating in smart homes and hotels. China
// our solutions for smart home

One Management system for Your Home / Building

Smart Home Gira One Dubai
Lighting control

Lighting control system for all types of lighting. Automatic control, by action, manual control, scenes.

HomeKit & Google Home

Сonnection voice Assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit to your Smart control system.

Wi-Fi Networks

Signal measuring work, selection necessary devices, Wi-Fi signal mapping, network scaling.

Climate control

Connection of the air conditioning and ventilation system, room temperature control in manual and automatic mode

Home Theater

Sale devices and materials, installation and configuration of a home theater system.

Audio & Video Multiroom

Your favorite Music in Each room & Throughtout your Home. Voice control, sound notifications.

Curtains & Gates

Control of Curtains motor, awnings, roller shutter etc. Automatic control, by action, manual control, scenes.

Security systems

CCTV cameras, Video Intercom system, Water leakage protection.


Turnkey electrical install work with Automaion system in a private house or appartment

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